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To chew over again, as food previously swallowed and regurgitated. rupture v. To separate the parts of by violence. rustic adj. Characteristic of dwelling in the country. ruth n. Sorrow for another's misery. sacrifice v. To make an offering of to deity, especially by presenting on an altar. sacrificial adj. Offering or offered as an atonement for sin. sacrilege n. The act of violating or profaning anything sacred. sacrilegious adj. Impious. safeguard v. To protect. sagacious adj. Able to discern and distinguish with wise perception.

Rapt or rapturous utterance. rhetoric n. The art of discourse. rhetorician n. A showy writer or speaker. ribald adj. Indulging in or manifesting coarse indecency or obscenity. riddance n. The act or ridding or delivering from something undesirable. ridicule n. Looks or acts expressing amused contempt. ridiculous adj. Laughable and contemptible. rife adj. Abundant. righteousness n. Rectitude. rightful adj. Conformed to a just claim according to established laws or usage. 5000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions – Amass an Ivy League Vocabulary!

Shuffle n. A mixing or changing the order of things. sibilance n. A hissing sound. sibilant adj. Made with a hissing sound. sibilate v. To give a hissing sound to, as in pronouncing the letter s. sidelong adj. Inclining or tending to one side. sidereal adj. Pertaining to stars or constellations. siege n. A beleaguerment. significance n. Importance. significant adj. Important, especially as pointing something out. signification n. The meaning conveyed by language, actions, or signs. similar adj.

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