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By James B. Tschen-Emmons

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Artifacts from historical Rome is a distinct social historical past that explores significant facets of way of life in a long-ago period through pictures of actual gadgets and old information regarding this stuff. in particular meant for prime tuition and junior students, the paintings additionally presents "hands-on education" on find out how to method fundamental sources.

The author—a historian additionally informed as an archaeologist—begins by means of explaining the concept that of utilizing artifacts to appreciate and "see" the prior and offering a primer for successfully reading artifacts. Entries at the artifacts stick to, with each one containing an advent, an outline of the artifact, an evidence of its value, and a listing of extra resources of data. Readers of the publication won't basically achieve a composite effect of everyday life in historical Rome throughout the learn of artifacts from family existence, faith, struggle, transportation, leisure, and extra, yet also will methods to top comprehend and learn basic resources for learning.

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Graffiti thus is one of our best sources for social history. It is also valuable in the study of paleography, that is, the study of ancient writing and letters. As one sees in the Alexamenos Graffito, not every letter was formed perfectly. People had different levels of education and may have learned Latin or other tongues later in life, and thus they did not always use standard vocabulary, spelling, or letter forms. This is vital information for the evolution of the Latin language, for the development of our alphabet, and for the study of the relationship between different forms of writing in the Roman world.

The donkey- or horse-headed man has some precedents in both Roman misunderstandings of Christianity and in popular mimes but also remains a bit mysterious. Taken together, however, it seems clear that this graffito was meant to mock a fellow slave for his Christian faith. Tertullian (d. ca. 220 CE), an early theologian, mentioned the rumor that Christians worshipped a donkey-headed god, as did Minucius Felix (second or third century CE), author of the Octavius, an eloquent defense of Christianity in the form of a dialogue.

Based on the phases of the moon and the four seasons, this calendar began the year in spring (in March) and ended in December, 10 months later, thus the name of December (Latin decem, “ten”). This was the month in which farmers might plant the last crop before the onset of winter. Perhaps because the calendar was primarily concerned with the agricultural cycle, winter was not counted in the 10 months of the year. Numa, the second king of Rome (r. 715–673 BCE), reformed the calendar and added 2 additional months, making a total of 12.

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