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By Haruyama Isamu, Nagahara Yoshiaki, Richard Bozulich

ISBN-10: 4906574025

ISBN-13: 9784906574025

The main worthy publication for starting avid gamers ever written. After introducing the elemental rules of starting play, the reader is proven functional sure-win concepts which he can use in his handicap video games. A bankruptcy is dedicated to tesujis (tactical brilliancies), with sixty nine examples and 50 difficulties. The e-book ends with a bankruptcy at the endgame.

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A dart board has four regions as shown, with the centre circle valued at 11, and the rings valued at 7, 3 and 2 as you move further from the centre. One day Alan, Ben, Cheryl and Denise were playing, and after they had each thrown 6 darts they all had the same total score, although they had achieved it in different ways. Alan had the most darts in the centre, Denise was the most consistent, while Ben's darts were evenly spread in the regions he used. What was their common score and how did each of them achieve it?

Marti Multivariant was a somewhat eccentric teacher who travelled to school on the underground railway, from station A near her home to station F near her school. To break the monotony of this daily journey she decided to see how many alternative routes she could find along the rail network shown in the above map. Each day she chose a new route, and found to her delight that she was able to find a different one for each day of the academic year before having to repeat herself. Going home at the end of the day she always took the straight route FEDCBA, but her morning journeys to school confused her pupils, who would often catch sight of her travelling along a line away from school!

Now they are so designed that no matter which cards are put alongside each other the landscapes fit neatly together. The idea of the cards is to create different panoramic pictures by fitting all the cards side by side. Now suppose I have worked out a systematic way to generate all the possible panoramic pictures by starting with one panorama and making the minimum number of interchanges at each stage to create a new panoramic picture. If I am slick, my method allows me to create a new panorama, on average, every second.

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