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By Homer Garner Barnett

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According to Carsten Walbiner, Aleppo in Syria was the cradle of Arabic printing in the East due to the activities of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Maronities. In 1733 ‘Abdallah Zakhir opened a printing press in the monastery of St John in al-Shuwayr, Lebanon, which was active from 1733 till 1899 and in all printed 33 titles and 36 reprints.  11–12. 49 Floor 1980. 50 For example, Richard W. Bulliet argues convincingly from a poem by Abu Dulaf al-Khazraji that block printing was in use during the tenth century.

5 para, giving a printed book an average cost of 5 piastres, in comparison a manuscript copy of the same text cost 100 to 500 piastres.  43.  61. 28 Muslims and the New Media al-Hakam al-Mustansir’s library was, however, destroyed just a few years after his death. 22 Despite this outcome, Said al-Andalusi gives a detailed and vivid picture of the intellectual milieu in al-Andalus. If his account is to be trusted, and it has been questioned by some scholars, his book is a description of how the bulk of Islamic knowledge was transmitted from Egypt, Syria and Iraq to the outermost regions in the dar al-Islam, that is, the territory conquered by Muslims from al-Andalus in the west to India in the east.

The only clues to their age come from relevant archaeological data – that is, the presence of datable objects in the same location in which the tarses were found – and the style of script used in the text of the amulet. Texts in which the older Kufi script is used are assumed to be of greater antiquity. Second, there is almost no reference made to such a craft in any of the contemporary Arabic historical texts. What mention does appear is often ambiguous, even cryptic in nature. There are a few seductive allusions to something which might be interpreted to be printing, but to date no clear description of block printing has been found in mediaeval textual sources.

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